Chapssal Tteok, Sticky Rice Cake, Sweet Rice Cake with Red Bean Filling, 糯米糕, チャプサルトク, もち米の餅, 찹쌀떡
Jeolpyeon, Patterned Rice Cake, 切片糕, 片糕, チョルピョン, 型押し餅, 절편

Yaksik, Sweet Rice with Nuts and Jujubes, Sweet Rice with Nuts and Jujubes, 韩式八宝饭, 藥食, ヤクシク, おこわ, 약식

Steamed sweet rice mixed with chestnuts, jujubes, pine nuts, sesame oil, honey, brown sugar, or soy sauce, and re-steamed to achieve a sticky texture. 将泡发的糯米上屉蒸,熟后加入酱油以及蜂蜜、白糖等拌匀,然后重新上屉蒸熟即可,是蒸制的糕饼当中唯一使用整粒糯米的食物。 在軟硬適中的糯米飯中放入蜂蜜、白糖、醬油、板栗、大棗等蒸煮的甜糕。韓國傳統在正月十五時做韓式八寶飯吃。 水に漬けておいたもち米を蒸し、栗、なつめ、松の実、ごま油、蜂蜜または黒砂糖、醤油を混ぜて再び蒸したもの。 재료찹쌀 5컵, 대추

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Sirutteok, Steamed Rice Cake with Red Beans, Steamed Rice Cake, 蒸糕, シルトク, 시루떡